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Aniya Skye’ was founded in 2016 (formerly Camella’s Beauty Salon) and is owned and operated by Camella Hicks.  In 2020, she changed the name of the salon to Aniya Skye’ as a dedication to her daughter, recognizing the importance of leading by reaching for your goals. She has made it her priority to show her girls that all women are beautiful in all shades and textures. At such a crucial age, our daughters should know and embrace their beauty and worth, knowing they can do anything they set their minds to. 


Creating an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity comes from understanding the importance of going to the salon without making it a full-day routine.

Aniya Skyé creates a safe space to unwind and relax with the scent of essential oils in the air and a variety of refreshments to choose from to welcome clients to a peaceful environment away from the day-to-day noise. 

Camella has since grown the space to create a diversified private luxury experience for hair care of all types.

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